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7 Day Email Challenge

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of your day to day falls under elegant refined living?

If you have come to a point in your life where being casual is no longer enough, and you want more refinement, this Challenge is for you!

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Online Course with Practice Sessions

How well can you walk in heels? Do you wobble, hunch over, or do you have a powerful stride?

Learn how to walk in heels from a pro-dancer and gain confidence in your walk in just a month! Use code “ELEGANCE15” to get $15 off.

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Fine Dining, Social Etiquette, and Business Etiquette Courses

When in upscale settings, how do you conduct yourself? How do you remain elegant and poised?

Every skill in the world of elegance can be learned and mastered. And these etiquette courses will help you stay confident no matter where you are!

When you sign up for a personal style consultation, you will gain access to a $197 self-color analysis at 100%  OFF. It will help you discover, in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant —  no matter your gender, race or age!