Are you a lady who has the desire to lead a better and more mind-blowing life as a feminine woman? Are you a lady who wants to be more refined by improving your manners and etiquette? Or do you want to be elegant in style and character but you do not know where to start?

If these are areas you are keen on, stick around since Elegance Handbook is a platform that provides content and resources to help other women transform into high-value polished elegant women. I started this platform in 2020 on Instagram, and we quickly grew to 40,000+ on Instagram and 2000+ in the Facebook Group.

“The main areas of focus for the platform are leading an elegant lifestyle, being feminine, and being high-value, which when done consistently and well, will lead to leveling up.”

From the blog, the paid products, and Instagram, you will gain information

  • On femininity that will help you become much more in tune with your essence as a woman. Femininity is not a weakness, and you should enjoy being feminine. It is the spark that will draw people to you, like moths to a flame.
  • On boundaries and standards that will help you shed off the emotional and mental baggage that has been preventing you from blossoming into who you are supposed to be, no matter your age.
  • On how to network and surround yourself with high-value people, and have in turn become one yourself.Ā  You deserve a better life and relationship experience.
  • On how to enjoy dressing up and feeling good in your body, and how to integrate self-care into your daily routines so that you can be more confident about yourself!
  • To help you Improve your dining and social etiquette. There are articles that cover how to deal with people, even when in conflict. Good manners and being gracious are the hallmarks of refinement.

Sounds like your jam? If yes, welcome home. šŸ™‚

Founder’s Journey

TheĀ  Awakening

I have always been leveling up in some way or other – whether it was academically, or socially, or professionally. However, things took a turn for the better in 2016. In 2015, a budding relationship with a high-value man came to a surprising halt. Looking back, I realize was not prepared for someone like him. He treated me well, took me out on amazing dates, and was emotionally available – but I needed to evolve to become a high-value woman myself. (This was despite the fact that I excelled academically and professionally – being book smart is not the same as being life smart.) In the year that followed, life gave me a chance to start my femininity and elegance journey and I took up the challenge.

One day in late 2016, I came home after a day of fieldwork (my profession is civil engineering and so there are field workdays), and I looked at myself in the mirror. The woman who I saw looking back was exhausted, worn out and it seemed like she was always out to prove a point. At that moment, I realized there had to be a better way – there had to be a better way to live that did not center around provingĀ  I could do it all on my own, or that I had to prove a point. Whether I was aware or not, my elegance, femininity, and level-up journey began on that day to become a high-value woman.

The first thing that I started changing, and which was easy for me, was my wardrobe. At that time, I wore very casually and most of my wardrobe hid my curvy frame. Not only that, I had very few dresses and skirts. So I started by changing that. Finally, all the years of reading fashion blogs since the start of the decade came to fruition. I bought many different types of dresses and skirts and tops. I felt better about myself at work and socially and others started noticing me in a more alluring light. I also started taking my self-care (beauty, hair, and grooming) more seriously.

Discovering the Deeper Aspect of Femininity

A few months later, while visiting a friend in mid-2017, I stumbled upon the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, It belonged to her husband, who lent it to me. He told me that the book was more about how to understand people than it was about seduction in the erotic sense of the word. This is the lens with which I read the book. I discovered a whole new world that I had not been aware of – that of understanding other people’s personalities, and how to be alluring and charming. Reading about Cleopatra, and Marilyn Monroe, and Josephine Bonaparte, and how they were able to wield their unique femininity, fascinated me so much that I naturally started exploring this aspect of my being a woman that had lay dormant without my knowing.

The Level-Up

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. In early 2019, I attended the biggest wedding I have ever attended in my life. The bride and IĀ  met at an international conference in 2012, and we became friends. We had maintained the relationship through the years (I have always been a master at networking!) and I was delighted to be at the ceremony. During the wedding ceremony, which lasted an entire week, I interacted with her friends who had flown into the country for the wedding. She had, in 7 years, metamorphosized into the woman of her dreams – she had leveled up exponentially – and a really high-value man (no kidding!) from another culture and country was marrying her. I was impressed. It became clear to me during that week, that the only person standing between me and the life of my dreams was me. She had managed to create the life of her dreams – and so could I.Ā 

I actively started making small but significant changes – like having better standards, saying no to whatever was not serving me, asking myself what it is I really wanted. In just a few months, my life was changed.

May 2020 – The Start of Elegance Handbook

In the middle of the pandemic, I discovered that online there was an entire community of ladies who were leveling up just like me – they were also in their transformation journey to become more feminine, elegant, and high-value women. Being acutely aware of just how much work goes into the transformation, and how little information was out there when I started, I decided to share what I know.Ā  It is from this decision and my passion for writing and motivating others, that a community of 40,000+ ladies grew in less than a year.

The Stay at Home period/lockdown gave me the time I needed to distill my 5 years worth of transformation experience and to

  1. Create the Elegance Handbook Instagram Content where I share what I know andĀ  the Elegance Handbook Facebook Group where ladies come together to grow together
  2. Write 2 books – The Classy Style Guide and Rediscovering Your Femininity to help other ladies transition faster into their feminine essence. Rediscovering Your Femininity is based on my personal experience in a male-dominated field, and how I was able to dig deep and find my feminine self/essence.
  3. Enroll in an Image Consultancy Course so that I can better serve my community with expert information. This expertise is distilled into the Classy Style Guide, which also picks up from my own personal experience with style.
  4. Create the Elegance Challenge to help ladies kickstart their elegance journey. The Challenge is 7-Days but is very effective based on given feedback.
  5. Collaborate with Your Color Style to help ladies discover their best colors in order to elevate their style. To find out more about wearing your best colors, sign up for the Self-Color Analysis Program, and you should be done in under 90 minutes. Also, read this article on wearing your best colors to find out why you should care about this subject.

We are just at the start and I have so much more in store!

It’s a lifelong journey!

As you may have realized by now, the level up takes years and it is a lifelong journey. Ā The spark that starts it can also be something unexpected, as it was for me that late evening in 2016. So if you have already had the spark, Elegance Handbook welcomes you with open arms. This is home for you. You can read the blog, follow on Instagram, join the Facebook group, join the email list, do your color analysis, dive deep into femininity or even decide that you want to know how to dress in a classy way.

It’s great to have you here.

Much love,