What is femininity?

Femininity is the quality of being feminine.

Due to the modern push for women to be, act and do things like men, this beautiful art seems to have suffered quite the blow. Most ladies act like brutes, dress without care, and they cannot fathom what it means to be a lady. But, fret not if you fall within the described category. Your femininity is something that can always be nurtured and brought back to life no matter how withered it has been because of life, the society around you and some of the conceptions of femininity you might be having.

Sometimes, it feels as if the being lady like is out of reach. However, this is not true. You do not have to be at a certain location, financial status or be with someone to start your femininity journey.

All you need is a mindset shift.

So first, we have to squash some of the common misconceptions that may have suppressed your femininity.

Common Misconceptions About Femininity

  1. The first common misconception is that being a feminine woman makes you weak, a doormat or is done to get a man. Instead, your femininity makes you tap into your authentic power and live fully.
  2. That second common misconception is that one’s gender is what determines their dominant energy. That is, if one is a male, they will automatically be masculine, and when is female, they automatically embody all that is feminine. A woman can be very masculine, and this has nothing to do with lifting weights or her physique. Remember Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada?
  3. The third common misconception is that dressing feminine automatically makes you a feminine woman. While it is a part of being feminine, it is not the only part. Femininity is a whole package.

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If mindset work is something you would like to get deep into, checkout this article where I go in depth on acquiring a feminine mindset.

Ways to Enhance Your Femininity

That said, in this article, share 3 simple ways you can enhance your femininity, and tap into your feminine energies.

1. Wear dresses more often. Drop the masculine and lack-lustre clothes.

If you have dresses in your closet which you never wear, incorporate them more into your daily outfits. If you don’t have dresses, start buying them more often.No matter how well your blue jeans fit, they’ll never give you the feminine touch of a dress.

2. Learn to receive favors, compliments, invitations, gifts, the good things in life

Yes, women can do a lot of things men can/can’t. That does not mean we should refuse help to prove we can do it too. It’s counter-intuitive. Allow men you trust to do things for you; it makes them feel wanted and needed; which means more resources at your disposal. Learn to receive.

3. Undertake feminine activities to heal and nurture your energies

Nurture your feminine energies through baking, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, writing, volunteering etc.These activities balance out your masculine and feminine energies. You will become more in tune with your sensuous self; an aspect greatly suppressed in modern culture.