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  • how to get glowing skin naturally

    How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally and Age Gracefully

    Stella M.

    Aging is an inevitable process. The fact behind aging is that the dermis loses elasticity with time. This is because of the continuous decline in the production of collagen once you have attained twenty-five years of age. This decline is what leads to wrinkled and loose skin and it occurs more in women who have attained menopause. However, you can learn how to get glowing skin naturally. It is, therefore,…

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  • perfumes for elegant women

    7 Signature Perfumes for Elegant Women

    Elegance Handbook

    Layer Your Scents 7 popular long-lasting signature perfumes for elegant women Perfume Notes Top Notes (Head Notes): Last 5-15 minutes, have the most impact on the wearer of perfume and very light Heart Notes: Last 20 minutes to an hour, huge % of perfume, these medium notes introduce new scents to deepen the perfume experience and retain top notes Base Notes: Last for up to 6 hours or more, they…

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