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Wardrobe Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

Few things are as frustrating as feeling like you have nothing to wear even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes. Yet, many women find themselves in that position. Why? The reasons can be any or all of the following depending on one’s personality, their choices, and just how much they know about what it takes to curate their wardrobe for an elegant and classy image.

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In this post, I break down that “I have nothing to wear” feeling into real reasons that can help you start sorting your wardrobe into something that brings you joy. Most women gloss over that feeling, but you should not. Because it is telling you that something is not working as it should in your wardrobe. There’s no need to have a deja vu of this frustrating and repetitive scenario ever so often if you can do something about it.

You Don’t Know Your Style

What happens when you don’t know what makes up your unique authentic style is this; you buy clothes without accessing how they’ll work with other pieces that you have.  This is the classic case of “I have nothing to wear” since many pieces will not pair well together.

Streamlining your style personality, and finding out what types of clothes go well with your personality, goals, and lifestyle should be the first step in streamlining your wardrobe and style. Once this is clear, it is easier for other pieces to fall into place without much strain.

Are you a casual dresser, or a dramatic kind of personality like Rihanna would be? Are you elegant chic, or are you the classic type? To solve ” I have nothing to wear”, these are things that should be clear from the onset so that you only get to buy what aligns with you.

You Have Clothes that are Unsuitable for Your Body Shape

Not knowing your correct body shape, and how to appropriately dress it up will have you buying items that end up at the back of the closet. Yet, many women buy clothes that look good on the mannequin without consideration of how this suits their upper or lower bodies.

If you do this several times, you end up with blazers, tops, pants, skirts, dresses that bulge you out or make you look ludicrous. Since deep down, you know that they just don’t work as right as they should, you let them build up the clutter in your wardrobe leaving you with nothing to wear. It is important to understand that just because they looked good on the mannequin, they may not necessarily be flattering for your body shape. Learn how to flatter your body shape by enrolling in this masterclass, and solve this issue once and for all.

You Buy Clothes in Unflattering Colors

A lot of ladies are unaware of the need to have a color analysis done, and may even have never heard of it. But, it is very important to know which colors are not in harmony with the natural coloring of your skin, eyes, and hair.

Not knowing what your best colors are, will have you buying heaps and heaps of clothes that have “unflattering colors”. Then every time you wear them, you will look and feel dull, tired even. But because you are not aware of what is going on, you will keep these clothes, hoping that one day you will figure out how to make them wear well on you. The truth is, that day will never come.

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You Hold Onto Items That no Longer Suit you for Sentimental Reasons.

When you hold onto clothes because

  • you love them even though you’ve outworn them and they are falling apart
  • you love them and they’re no longer lifestyle or age-appropriate
  • they were expensive and well worth their money but for some reason, you don’t wear them
  • you love them but they no longer fit, because you have added or lost weight
  • they were gifts and you feel guilty about letting them go even though you don’t wear them anymore or you’ve never worn them.

What you are doing is holding onto emotional clutter. You have to realize that your clothes are emotionally charged; all your purchases or items have an emotional reason behind them. Therefore in the case of sentimental items, what will help you let go of these clothes is to process the emotions behind them. Read this article to learn how to let go of sentimental items with grace and without tension.

You Buy Clothes for a Future you that Does Not Exist Yet.

This happens when you buy clothes thinking you’ll lose weight and they’ll fit, or vice versa. Or you buy clothes for a trip that’s yet to come alive. Or for when a certain event may happen. I personally used to do this when I was petite. I would buy jeans that were a size too big, in the hopes that one day I will fit into them. Or I would buy clothes for a trip that I was yet to plan and undertake. This happens when you live more in the future than in the present. Thankfully, I dealt with the reasons behind this kind of behavior, and I no longer do this. So if this is you, try to understand why you are future pacing your wardrobe needs. Are you unsatisfied with your life as is? And if yes, how can you solve that in the present instead of future pacing?


Summary: 5 Reasons You Have  a Wardrobe Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

  • You Don’t Know Your Style
  • You Have Clothes that are Unsuitable for Your Body Shape
  • You Buy Clothes in Unflattering colors
  • You Hold Onto Items That no Longer Suit you for Sentimental Reasons.
  • You Buy Clothes for a Future you that Does Not Exist Yet.

Whatever your reason, it is wise to be honest with yourself as you rebuild your wardrobe into one that’s elegant and that has items that are wearable and that you love. With self-honesty comes the grace to gently let go of what’s not serving you. And letting go allows you to make room and space for new styles and pieces that fit you and make you happy. Because after all, as an elegant lady, your clothes are an asset to your overall image.

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