Elegance Handbook

Elegance Journey: 3 Reasons You’re Stuck

In my personal experience, there are things that kept me from moving from point A to point B in becoming elegant. Below, I list 3 of them, that probably you’re also going through, and how to fix them, so that you continue making progress, no matter how minute, in your elegance journey.

  1. You keep comparing yourself with other elegant women

Comparison keeps you stuck. All you are seeing is the highlight reel of other women’s elegance journey and not their behind the scenes. It makes you tear yourself apart instead of stitching yourself up.

The fix: Start to esteem yourself. This means you need to love yourself more and embrace where you are now. There is only one you. Since there is only one you, only you can be elegant in your own way.

  1. You haven’t defined your personal elegance style; you keep shape shifting

Copying the elegance style of many different elegant women is not advisable. That will make you end up with a confused style that does not work in your favor.

The fix: Take your time to figure out what elegance means to you, and build your style from there. There are as many elegance styles as there are woman, and there is no one woman who has it all figured out. So take pride in who you are, and build your style from there.

  1. You consume knowledge on elegance and take no or little action on it

They say knowledge is power. But, I believe knowledge without action is useless. Knowledge x Action = Power. Muster all the energy you have inside yourself, and take action daily. One day at a time, a habit at a time.

The fix: Tap into the richness of elegance and your feminine energy by taking daily action on what you learn & level up.

Which of these will you take action on ASAP?