Elegance Handbook

Notification of Price Change

While we have the liberty to change our pricing at any point, without further communication, this is a public notice to our loyal clients and customers of the price change of the Feminine Energy Masterclasses and the Style Masterclasses effective 21st December 2023.

The initial $99 prices factored in the possibility of further 1:1 support. However, this option is now henceforth reserved for those who opt for 1:1 consultation options for the $497 or $997 feminine energy coaching, and/or the $397 style consultation.

Thus, the Feminine Energy Masterclasses will be available for purchase at $49 instead of $99, and the Style Masterclasses at $47 instead of $99.

You can enroll in the Feminine Energy Masterclasses here and the Elegant Style Masterclasses here.

You can book your 1:1 for feminine energy coaching here and for the style consultation here.

The prices of the handbooks and the 1:1 services remain the same.