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Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas: How to Choose and Give the Right Gift

Whenever you are invited to a party, you should always be grateful enough to carry a gift. This will show the hostess how much you appreciate the invitation and it is part of party guest etiquette every elegant woman should follow. You should not just go for any kind of gift. On the contrary, you should be very selective. But how do you know which gift to bring? We show you how to decide what to give as a hostess gift plus the perfect hostess gift ideas.

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7 Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas

Choosing a hostess gift doesn’t have to be too stressful for you. For anyone looking for the perfect hostess gift ideas, here are 7 good ones to get you going. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

1. Go for a relaxing gift

You can decide to go for something pampering that will relieve the hostess after the hustle of preparing for the party. In this case, you can even organize cleaning services so that your hostess does not have to face the whole mess after the party alone. You can also organize for manicure and pedicure for your hostess so that when the party is over she can go and relax herself.

2. Bar mixologist or enthusiast

If your hostess is fond of cocktails, you can think of something closely related to cocktails. You can even go for a cocktail bartender set with strainers, shakers and even have an ice bucket added on top.


3. Grill enthusiast

Some people prefer cooking outdoors and in case your hostess is such a person, you will be having a wide selection from which you can make your choice. If this is the case, then you can buy them a grilling BBQ tool set. Your hostess would really appreciate such.

4. Personalized gift

No hostess would fail to appreciate a personalized gift from a guest. You should look for something that the hostess would not expect as a gift, something unique and very different. Come up with a creative gift like a picture of the hostess on a mug, a shirt, or any other presentable item. This is where the sense of belonging would greatly feature.

5. Party photos

Party photos are a very thoughtful gift you can offer your hostess. Take a few snaps where the hostess is clearly captured and then fit them nicely into unique photo frames afterwards.

6. Gift Cards

You can choose to save your hostess the budget for the party by getting her gift cards. You can either get one for the party store, the butcher, or the bakery shop. To make your gift card look presentable, place it inside a gorgeous gift card envelope.


7. Homemade gifts

If you’re wondering what is a good inexpensive hostess gift, then the answer is something homemade. Gifts don’t have to go too much into your budget. However, this does not mean that you should not go for something valuable. Baking a quick bread would do, so long as you’ve specially wrapped it. Also, in case your hostess is into spices, then perfectly decorated herbs would do. You can get some Herb Trio or even Rosemary Topiary and carry them along.

How to Present Your Gift

The following considerations will help you determine what is an appropriate hostess gift and make it get the right reception:

1. Know what suits your hostess

Gifts are meant to impress the hostess and show how much you care. This, therefore, calls for perfect research before you make any decision on the kind of gift. Try and figure out what the hostess would prefer most as a gift by considering the likes and even taste and preference. With proper research you will never have to wonder what do you give as a hostess gift ever again.

2. Know the right moment and method of presenting your gift

You should know the perfect timing to present your gift as well as the perfect method of presentation. Perfect timing is necessary and in order to ensure this, you should approach the hostess-only at the time when she is relaxed. At that point, your hostess will have time to appreciate and even to know what type of gift it is if she decides to check it in your presence.

3. Be discrete

Have it in mind that not all the guests may have brought along gifts for the hostess. Therefore, you should be very considerate and present it in a way that will not portray an awkward picture. Also present your gift in a unique way and make it even look like a surprise for the hostess if possible.

4. Give it considering the future

Don’t show up with food or alcohol as a gift and expect it to be made available immediately. For instance, your hostess may be serving a light meal that the heavy food or red wine you brought is simply not a match for. Though wine and food pairing may not matter to you, it could matter very much to the other guests.

5. Do not add unnecessary work

It would not be a bad idea to show up with flowers as a gift. But on the other hand, it may inconvenience the hostess in different ways. One, the hostess may have to leave whatever she was doing to get a vase and figure out how to arrange your flowers in order to make the house more decorative. Two, you may end up bringing flowers or any other items that clash with the hostess’ taste and preference.

6. Don’t insist that your gift be revealed at that instant

Be decent and present the gift in the best way possible. Once you have presented the gift and murmured some nice words to your hostess, you can take your seat or even take your leave depending on the timing and current occurrences. Do not try and insist that the hostess proceeds with the unwrapping of the gift before you leave. This would be very indecent and would show a very bad picture.

The Difference Between Hostess Gifts and Regular Gifts

Hostess gifts are very different from regular gifts. It is a sign of appreciation to the hostess for inviting you to the party. It’s therefore different from a Christmas gift, birthday present, Valentine’s present, and so on.

You may be arranging for hostess gifts in a situation where the whole family of the hostess would be available for the party. In this case, you can even consider something that would be beneficial to the whole family. A board game would do in such a case.

What To do When You Forget Your Hostess Gift

  1. You should not act like you really forgot to get your hostess a gift. Just feel free and comfortable to appreciate your hostess and never mind if it is only you without a gift.
  2. Send a simple gift like flowers to the hostess a day after the party and accompany it with a thank you note.
  3. Reciprocate later on by even inviting your hostess over for lunch or even dinner. Also do not forget to forgive yourself.
  4. It would also be an opportunity for you to observe and know the kind of gifts that your hostess prefers so that next time you would get the perfect and most appropriate gift for her.

Knowing what is an appropriate hostess gift can be a challenge but with these perfect hostess gift ideas and tips we’re sure you will be able to choose the right gift for your hostess and leave them feeling totally appreciated. So go on, grab something from our list and take it with you to the next party you’re invited to!

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