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Party Guest Etiquette – Qualities of A Good Guest

Getting invited to a party is exciting. It may be a casual, laid-back gathering of long-time friends, or it could be a more formal occasion like a fundraising event or an awards ceremony. No matter the type, there are a few party guest etiquette rules that an elegant lady should never break.

So exactly what is guest etiquette? Guest etiquette is simply conducting yourself in a polite manner during a party in appreciation and respect for the host.

Following basic rules of guest etiquette for dinner increases your chances of being invited back and who doesn’t want to be invited to a good party? That said, below are some simple tips on how to be a good guest at a party.

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What Etiquette Should You Maintain as a Guest?

Follow these guest etiquette rules if you want to be the guest that everyone remembers to invite to their parties.

1. Confirm your attendance in advance

Let the host be aware of whether you will be attending or not for planning purposes. Your host needs to know how many people will be attending the party in order to plan and host the perfect party. If you fail to RSVP and then you show up you may end up inconveniencing your host. It is rude to bring additional guests that have not been cleared by the host. Let the host know in advance if you want to bring a plus one.

2. Be punctual

Make sure you maintain the time set for the arrival of guests. In case of any kind of inconveniences that may delay you, inform the host early. You should only arrive earlier than the scheduled time if you are supposed to offer any help with the party.

3. Be willing to participate

When the time comes for any activity, do not be reluctant to join others. When it is time for dining or photoshoots, do not hesitate as it might make other guests feel uncomfortable.

4. Provide assistance where necessary

Whenever you can offer assistance, feel free to lend a hand. Do not let the host struggle alone with the preparation of meals or even service. They may not call you to help, but it would be very necessary for you to notice the need. Moreover, after the meals, you should offer to assist in clearing the table as well as cleaning. They will really appreciate it.

5. Avoid overindulgence

During meals, you should control your appetite and observe proper table manners. No matter how hungry you may be, eat moderately. Otherwise, you may not only end up attracting everyone’s attention but also make other guests miss food if you serve too much. When interacting with people, do it with class and elegance. Having a few conversation starters up your sleeve may help you when talking to strangers at a party.

6. Show your appreciation

Make sure you show enthusiastic appreciation before you leave. Once you get home, ensure you call or even write a note to say thank you to your host for a lovely party.

Etiquette Tips For Staying Guests

There are also times when you can visit a place to spend a night or two. In this case, you should make your host aware of your impending stay. It takes a gracious host to welcome you to your home, so return the kindness by exhibiting the qualities of a good guest by following these house guest rules:

Before arrival

1. Provide information to the host very early

Tell your host about your stay in advance. This allows them to make necessary preparations for your accommodation. The host will have time to figure out how you will sleep, eat and stay comfortable during your stay. Therefore, you should tell them when you will arrive, the duration of your stay, and any other plans.

2. Buy your host a gift

Ensure you carry a few gifts for your host. This will show how much you appreciate your stay. The host will also be pleased with your visit and will try as much as possible to keep you comfortable. Your gift doesn’t need to be extravagant. It can be something that you and your host can enjoy together, like a bottle of wine or a box of cookies. Or bring something their home needs such as essential bathroom products, a cozy blanket, or a simple decor item.

During your stay

1. Avoid inviting guests over

Do not go around inviting your friends and other visitors into your host’s house unless the host agrees to it. If you must, meet people outside the house. That way, your host will be comfortable with your stay.

2. Inform the host of your plans 

In case you have brief travels to make during your stay, make the host aware. For example, when you are planning to visit a friend from around, or even go shopping, you should inform your host. Otherwise, they may get worried if you keep on appearing and disappearing without them knowing your whereabouts. Most people cannot tolerate such guests.

3. Clean after yourself

After the meals, you should lend a hand in clearing the table and even cleaning the utensils. You should also make sure that your beddings are clean and neat. It would be very inappropriate for you to wake up and expect your host to spread your beddings.

4. Always be ready to help

Be ready to help with the house chores and other activities whenever there is a need. This will also show how much you are appreciating your stay.

5. Feel free to ask

Whenever you are not sure of something, just ask. This will help you avoid doing things the wrong way and feeling awkward. For instance, if you’ve lost your way, asking would stop you from bumping into your host or other family members in awkward situations. Feel free to communicate and be open. Your host will always be ready to assist you in any way possible.

After your stay

Show your appreciation

Make sure you show how grateful you are for the hospitality that you received from the host. Even if you had one or two bad encounters, keep it to yourself. When you get back home, send a thank-you note, an email, or even make a call to appreciate further.