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Ladies, Never Chase Men

Chasing a man is the last thing you should be doing as a lady. You can only be chasing a man if your feminine energy is not well aligned. When you are not harmoniously balanced in your masculine and feminine energy, you will fall somewhere in the spectrum whose far ends are either you are deeply in your dominant masculine energy, or you are in the feminine wounded energy. Whichever side of the pendulum you find yourself in, these tips serve to help you reclaim your dignity as a woman.

  • Don’t be desperate for love: love yourself more.

You’re only desperate for love if you do not love yourself deeply.  Being the nice girl when he mistreats and disreptcs you is believing the lie of being a good girl. The good girl thinks that the world will be good to her because of her good-hearted nature. What you need is to cultivate high self-esteem for healthy self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence in and out of a relationship. High self-esteem will give you the courage and willingness to walk away from a relationship that does not serve you and your needs.  This way, you will not attach your worth to how much another human being loves and treats you.

  • Allow your femininity and feminine energy to do the work for you.

There are countless benefits of leaning back in a relationship. Leaning back is possible when you embody your feminine energy with ease. It means letting him pursue you. The magnetism and allure of your femininity and healthy feminine energy should make him chase you instead. Become the best version of yourself by rediscovering your femininity:

There are plenty of articles and resources in this blog to help you nurture your feminine energy, heal your emotional wounds, stop hiding under baggy or tacky clothes & refine how you communicate your wants and needs. Want to get started? Click here for the articles under this category.

  • Are you investing more in the relationship than he is?

A man’s actions will always let you know if he is invested in the relationship. Investing in a relationship can be financial, emotional, or social. Does he take you out on dates and care about your wellbeing? Does he care if you are happy or sad? Does he take you out publicly, and let you meet his family and friends? Or are you the one investing in the relationship with the hope of winning him over?  If you’re always going the extra mile after every disagreement (read emotional investment), you should take time to reevaluate your choices. As an elegant lady, there are ways to make men chase you (if you’re still in the dating-courtship phase), such as

  • being feminine in the way you dress and groom yourself and allowing your femininity to blossom so that a healthy masculine man will want you by his side
  • having a healthy self-esteem and the inner confidence to love, respect and honor yourself so that he knows you’re a high-value woman
  • not giving in to his pursuit until you’ve carefully vetted him (most masculine men love competition so have the mindset that you are the prize)

Men love the chase and being feminine, confident, and a well-dressed lady will make them take action (if he is attracted to you). Are you in touch with your healthy feminine side? Have you blossomed into your femininity to make yourself irresistible to the right man? Are you a high-value woman?

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