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Masculine Energy Traits That Will Ruin Your Love Life

A key component that creates the magnetic attraction between men and women is energetic polarity. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy, how they embody these, and to what extent determines the polarity that two individuals will have in a relationship. That said, the difference between feminine women and masculine women in relationships is that feminine women know when to switch off or tone down the masculine energy which is very useful for accomplishing tasks and executing projects. To learn more about feminine energy, get your copy of Rediscovering Your Femininity.

You may be ruining your love life by doing some of the following things in today’s post not because you are mean or vindictive, but because you think it’s sweet, or impressive, or a way to prove your strength. However, you need to realize that a clash of two dominant masculine energies in the relationship leads to the loss of attraction.

  • Pursuing him – always being the one who calls or texts first, or always being available in the early stages. Instead of being sweet, this comes across as needy, and it is also very forceful into his world. A part of his primitive brain understands that there is something wrong within this dynamic, whether or not he can put a finger on it. He will become passive and take the easy benefits that come with you pursuing him. Alternatively, he may be repelled and then he will pull away.
  • Spending money on him (especially if he is financially challenged) and doing the financial heavy-lifting on dates (including “going Dutch” by splitting bills 50/50) and around the house. You also should not be taking care of his finances, paying his bills, or going out of your way romantically, socially, or professionally to impress him.  When a man loves a woman, he will go out of his way to impress her and will naturally want to take care of her interests. Two things happen when you spend money on him; he feels belittled, undervalued, or underestimated. He also thinks you have low self-esteem to be paying to be in his company. Realize that a man being in your presence is a blessing to him because he basks in your feminine essence. So you paying for him is an energetic dissonance.
  • Always making plans for the two of you to go out, planning when you will see each other again, and making follow-up plans before he initiates. At the very beginning of a relationship, your feminine energy should be in a receptive mode and he should be pursuing you. Setting updates and all that should be his task. Let him work to be with you, let him work to impress you, let him find the space to fall for you. The energetic space for him to fall in love has to be there, and this is also your chance to vet him to see if he is up to the task.
  • Criticizing and complaining about him, other men or men in general often and acting as if you are always right. Ask yourself, if someone criticized you and complained to you every day or every so often, how likely are you going to want to spend your time and presence in the company of that person?
  • Being hyper-independent to prove that you can do it all. This puts you in competition with a man instead of building a relationship with him. This is a key sign that you have an inability to lean back in a relationship and let him lead; instead, you prefer to have a power struggle to prove who is the leader. You always want to be in control, which could indicate that you see femininity as a weakness or that you have dead-beat men around you or have yet to heal from past painful experiences.

A lot of women who do these things end up being frustrated because they don’t understand why their actions and behaviors are not yielding their desired results. This dynamic can only work when both  parties are happy in a relationship dynamic where the man is subservient. If that is not the case for you, ask yourself:

  • Would you need to do any of these if you had healthy masculine men around you when growing up?
  • Why do you constantly feel the need to have your guard up to be the provider and the protector?
  • What exactly are you gaining with any of these traits? How has it worked out for you so far?

If you have found yourself doing any of these things, realize that if you want a man with dominant masculine energy who will also provide for and protect you, it is time to ease gently back into your essence. Get yourself a copy of REDISCOVERING YOUR FEMININITY, learn how to stop holding onto dominant masculine traits that no longer serve you, and learn simple yet effective ways to stop suppressing your femininity.

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If you are truly honest with yourself, is this how a classy elegant lady behaves in a relationship?

One of the hallmarks of being a high-value woman is knowing when some things are not serving you. Holding onto masculine traits when you shouldn’t is but a symptom of a greater underlying issue. You have yet to become fully in touch with your femininity. Why? Because you wouldn’t have to fight so hard to hold onto something that’s draining the life out of you.