Elegance Handbook

Inexpensive Tips to Make Your Home Feel Elegant and Luxurious

Does your home feel messy? Could it do with a little more sprucing up? Knowing how to make your home feel elegant and luxurious without blowing the bank takes skills! Not to worry we are here to lend you a hand.

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How to Make Your Home Feel Elegant and Luxurious

Are you excited to learn how to make your home feel elegant and be the envy of your friends? Here are some simple and less expensive tips to navigate you through.

1. Consider the color paint

Your walls, ceiling, floor, and door paint color really matter when it comes to creating some elegance in your home. While decorating your interior, you ought to first consider these surfaces as they create the focal point. Using a single color of paint in the entire home could be so boring. It would be better to consider mixing two or three colors that match to create some harmony.

For a more expensive upgrade, you can work with an interior designer to decorate your walls and ceilings.

2. Accessorize your home

Some of the ways to elegantly accessorize your home include:

  • Add glitz with a chandelier– Chandeliers have long been a staple of elegant décor. The small crystal pieces reflect light resulting in sparkling beauty.
  • Add metals– You can bring the sparkle and gleam in your living room and even bedroom by simply adding more metals. Use gold-colored picture frames, vases, and furniture with metallic accents among others that will feel attractive and wonderful.
  • Invest in fresh flowers– Fresh flowers bring that lively mood to your house space. Consider putting a bouquet or single flower in your entryway, as they may sound to welcome the guests. You can also put them on the dining table, guest room, nightstand next to your bed, and even in a corner in your kitchen.
  • Long curtains Long curtains will really create some space in your rooms while adding some beauty. To make them look so nice you can hang them higher from the ceiling and then they roll down all the way to the floor.
  • Hang your TV- This will create some sense of fantastic feeling in your room. This helps reduce the stress of hanging wires

3. Hang large mirrors

Mirrors can easily transform your room into a gleaming and shiny space. The larger the scale of your mirrors, the more dramatic difference it creates. Leaning structured mirrors can be placed on the bedroom walls, hallway, dining room, and in the living room as well.

4. Consider attractive furniture

While on a fixed budget and decorating your house seems to be a stressful thing to think about, you can opt for a budget-friendly option. Consider purchasing some attractive furniture that will turn out to be wonderful decorative items bringing your living room to an amazing beauty at a glance.

To create more visual interest in your living room, you can opt to mix accent chairs with the sofa which will result in some contrast cohesion as they add style and color to any room.

Explore the best range of furniture items for every room in your house including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, and so on. Also, ensure you do some nice arrangement of the furniture so that they don’t appear disorganized.

5. Choose attractive lighting

Replace the light fixtures and opt for the designer light fixtures or the chandeliers. You can also go for the pendant lumps that come with different designs and are excellent ways to add a focal point to your rooms. You can arrange your house in a manner that the tables are set just below the pendant lamps to create a nice-looking design.

Also, consider the white light instead of the yellow light that appears so dull. The white-light bulbs are brighter and will offer your room the gleam that you need.

6. Add pillows on your couch

Purchasing an expensive sofa set and leaving it that way without pillows is an incomplete task. Pillows are very essential as they serve a number of purposes such as adding the beauty and comfort of your couch. When you choose pillows that match your couches and arrange them nicely, they provide a layered and cozy feeling in your living room.

7. Opt for luxurious fabrics

The texture of your fabrics contributes a lot when it comes to the aspect of luxury.  While choosing your bath mats, blankets and pillows, go for the smooth textured fabrics. You can consider velvet textiles for your furniture. Generally, fabrics with that soft and smooth feeling on touch.

8. Add large artworks and moldings

Artworks Large pieces of art create a gallery that commands attention that adds a high-end feeling to your room. If you intend to spend less, you can print your pictures from your phone gallery and hang them in place of artwork. The color and nature of your artwork should also match your accessories and pieces of furniture. Artworks could include woodcarvings or portraits.

Moldings- Moldings can help create a custom look in your house and they are affordable as well. Crown moldings, chair railings, wainscoting, baseboards, and other kinds of architectural details will create a high-end look to your house, especially the living room.

9. Add some scent

A luxurious home is not only about what you see but also what you smell. You need to offer your room a nice scent with sprays, scented candles, and many other things that can be used to bring some scent to the room. The scents will make the room feel fresh and comfortable to stay in.

10. Eliminate unnecessary things and clutter

Expensive furniture and expensive decoration without proper arrangement and clutter all over will never bring that elegance you are looking for. Ensure to clear your house of clutter and unnecessary items in your house to create more space. You can always check and get rid of unnecessary items that are no longer in use. If you got limited time, you can collect the clutter in a basket or some container for later sorting.

As you can see learning how to make your home feel elegant doesn’t have to leave you with an empty wallet. Just do what you can bit by bit and soon you will have a luxurious home that you will love coming back to after a long day! Oh, and it will definitely look rich and expensive while on a budget 😉