Elegance Handbook

How to Improve Posture

A well dressed refined feminine lady with bad posture; how would that look? For a woman, confidence is the best accessory. It makes you walk into rooms without making yourself small and gives you the courage to speak your mind.

And when it comes to confidence, posture is your biggest ally. With confident posture, whether you’re walking, eating, or sitting; you send out the message that you are self-assured, and that determines, to a great extent how people treat and respond to you.

Good posture helps enhance graceful movement and elegant gestures and promotes good health, better breathing, and reduced back pain and fatigue. How you walk, sit, stand, etc tell a lot about your state of mind.

These are steps that you should take to have good posture;

  1. Start by gaining awareness of your current posture – Record/watch yourself walking, and making bodily movements using a camera/mirror. Examine how you sit, stand, and position your body in various situations. Watch these recordings and identify what needs to be rectified.
  2. Correct the Posture Mistakes You Identify – these could be an arched lower back, forward head, rounded shoulders, protruding backside or pelvis are bad postures. For instance, learn to hold up your phone to avoid the forward head, and arched lower back.
  3. Train Yourself to Have Good Posture. You should work on your posture when sleeping, eating, walking, sitting, and below we cover ways that you can make this possible in your daily life just by making small adjustments.

Ways to Improve Your Posture

  • When Seating; Improve sitting posture by sitting up and keeping your head level, the shoulders back and relaxed, buttocks on the back of the chair, and the back straight. Do not slouch or hunch over.
  • When Sleeping; Improve sleep posture by sleeping on a firm mattress, and on sides that help with spine alignment.
  • When Eating; do not bend your neck down to the table and eat close to the plate; instead, sit upright and bring the cutlery up to your mouth
  • When Walking; do not drag your feet, and walk looking down; instead, have clean steps, with shoulders and head held high
  • When Exercising and Dancing make sure to stretch and also find a good instructor who will give you the correct form so that you prevent injuries and have a strong core/ spine which makes all the other posture training come to life.

One key area a lot of women struggle with posture is when walking in heels. If this is you, I recommend Sarah Bohdanova’s $97 course on How to Walk in Heels. You will gain the skills you need to create beautiful elegant lines and sexy silhouettes when walking in heels by covering what to do with your legs, feet, hips, and arms so that you master your walk and attain the catwalk posture and poise.