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Hosting Etiquette- How to be a Gracious Hostess

Any time you are expecting guests, whether casual, an impromptu get-together, or a more formal gathering, your target will always be to ensure the party goes successful. The following hosting etiquette will help you be a gracious hostess and have the most memorable party for your guests.

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Hosting Etiquette: Preparation

Choose Guests Wisely

Ensure you do the right choice of guests so that everybody will enjoy sharing the moments you were together. Consider your guests’ personalities so that those who seem to be outgoing and bold in speech won’t outdo some of your silent and shy friends.

Send Proper Invitation

The proper invitation will save you time and relieve the stress of explaining directions or reminding your guests of the date among other things. It also makes your guests plan for the day as well. These Bliss Collections Invitation Cards are a beautiful choice if you want to add some elegance and send invitations through the mail.

Ensure you include important information such as date, time, venue, direction, exact occasion, dress code, what to carry along, among other necessary things.

Be Mentally Prepared for Cancellations

Remain flexible enough, as some unavoidable circumstances may come up. You need to be psychologically prepared so that in case of such, you won’t be offended. It also happens that some people never commit to plans and will only inform you at the last minute when they learn they are too busy.

Put Your House in Order

Who wants weird comments from talkative guests who can embarrass you in front of your friends? No one, definitely. Do serious cleaning so that your guests will feel homey and comfortable enough. For instance, there should be toilet paper in the washroom, the serving items should be clean and in good condition, the compound should be clean and there should be no cobwebs on the wall among other things.

Hosting Etiquette: On the D-Day

1. Be Gracious to Surprise Guests

One of your guests may show up with an uninvited guest. Don’t make a big show about it. Neither should you express disapproval verbally or nonverbally for instance show some weird facial expression before other guests, instead just welcome them and set their place at the table.

2. Make Introductions and Greet Each Guest Personally

Make every guest feel honored and welcomed by greeting each guest as they arrive. Even when you are too busy, set aside time to receive each one of them. When all guests have arrived, make proper introductions for your friends to know each other and to prepare a fertile ground for subsequent interactions.

3. Be Clear About the Seating Plan

If you are expecting a bigger number of guests,  consider a seating arrangement. For instance, you can balance out extroverts and introverts but do not split married couples who have been wed for less than a year. If you are an unmarried hostess, the person seated opposite you should be a close female friend. If you are a man, the person seated opposite you should not be a married woman, especially if the husband is absent.

4. Ensure You Have Enough Table Space

Your table space must be able to accommodate all guests so that no guest will be forced to carry food on their hands while eating.

5. Advise on Any House Rules

Be clear on the house rules so that you’ll have an easy time with your guests. For instance, if your house is a no-smoking zone, make that clear from the word go.

6. Guests Should Help, but Not with the Dirty Work

Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with excess work while the guests have arrived. It is in order to allow your guests to assist you, but not with dirty work as they need to maintain their gleam for the party.

7. Avoid Using Too Many Utensils

Consider the type of food you’ll be serving and ensure you don’t bring unnecessary utensils to the table. For instance, if the food you’ll be serving doesn’t require folks then there’s no need of placing them on the table.

8. Be in Charge

As the hostess, you need to run the party. Your guests want to spend time with you, and you understand their personalities better. Make food arrangements as early as possible to make sure that you are less busy in the kitchen so that you have sufficient time for your guests as well.

9. Keep an Eye on the Room to See What’s Needed

While conversations are on, always be alert to ensure all the needs of your guests are well catered for. For instance, be keen on second servings, refilling glasses etc.

10. Be Upfront with Regard to Food

As the hostess, the decision is yours on whether to serve food or not. This should be with the consent of your guests, to be sure if they are all okay. It’s also determined by the type of party you are hosting. You may agree to just do with drinks and snacks alone.

11. Have Enough Foods and Drinks

Tasty foods and drinks are all that bring that festive mood to a party. It is therefore very essential to ensure there’s enough food and different types of drinks that suit everyone.

12.  Accommodate Dietary Needs

Ensure your menu suits every guest. You can share out your menu with the guests early enough so that anybody not comfortable with it over allergic or dietary issues can communicate for changes.

13.  Say Goodbyes and Appreciate Your Guests

Just don’t let your guests leave without saying goodbye and appreciating them for coming. This would make them feel how important it is that they came.

Hosting Etiquette: For Staying Guests

1.  Relay basic information like address in advance

Providing basic information such as an address, transportation, and direction ease your work and that of the guests. You won’t have to answer many calls providing direction, or explaining some things.

2.  Have Special Touches Ready

Make your guests feel special with some special touches such as Wi-Fi Password, some slippers for moving around the house, extra blanket(s) and pillow(s), toiletries, hairdryer, bedside light with books and magazines, a carafe of water with glass, candle/matches, flowers, hall nightlight, fan or heater, etc.

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3. Advise on rules and how to operate appliances like the coffee machine

Let your guests be well informed of your house rules such as meal times and activities that are prohibited in the house. Show them how to operate appliances like coffee machines or television to give them an easy time, while ensuring both you and your guests have a nice stay.

4. Provide Key Copy

Provide a key copy to your guests so that they can easily move in and out of the house without any problem.

5. Make Simple Recipes in Advance and Freeze

To avoid rush or confusion when the guests have arrived, you can prepare a meal and keep it refrigerated to be served as the guests will. This can save if you are busy elsewhere and maybe a guest arrives ahead of you.

6. Follow Up When They Are Gone

It is in order to follow up and ensure every guest arrived back home safely. You can make calls, send messages, or email.

Following the hosting etiquette rules will definitely make you a graceful hostess and your home will be full of love and happy times from friends and family who love being around you.