Elegance Handbook

From Princess to Queen Energy

You’re in your princess energy when you depend externally on others for your sense of identity, for your sense of safety, and also you seek permission to get on with your life. Most women tend to be stuck in this phase well into their late 20s, 30s and beyond.

So How do You Go From Princess to Queen Energy?

So how do you go from being this woman who is unsure of herself (aka a damsel in distress/ princess), and always waiting for someone else (aka a knight in shining armor/ prince) to come and save her?

You do the work that grounds you and gives you the agency to be sovereign. To be sovereign means that you are in charge of your life, and you decide what goes and what stays. None of this has to be done in a domineering or pushy way. Being in your queen era is about having established standards, boundaries, and also a dignified way of living.

In our online course, From Damsel to Queen: Awaken Your Inner Feminine Power, we take you through the 5 steps you need to undertake in order to become the woman you were born to be.

We adress the following in a sequential manner;

(1) Why You are Failing at Relationships. This will help you go beyond being frozen in the princess state, and help you awaken your inner feminine power.

(2) How to Heal Your Wounded Feminine Energy that keeps you in a princess state, and takes away from your queen self

(3) How to Discover Your Feminine Archetype, so that you intergrate your life experiences and embody your feminine power in a way that supports you as opposed to making you feel like you have to pretend to be like some other powerful woman.

(4) How to Nurture Your Feminine Energy to support yourself, and fill up your energy reserves instead of being drained all the time, and being out of alignment with your body, mind and soul.

(5) How to Inspire Polarity in Your Relationships so that you can keep the spark alive, in the relationships that matter.

Life Before (Princess) vs After Transformation (In Your Queen Era)

Here are some examples to give you context between princess and queen energy.

Princess Energy vs Queen Energy on Resourcefulness

A princess remains stuck in a relationship, career or a friendship that no longer serves her, even after gaining awarenss of how they negatively impact her. On the other hand, a queen uses the resources she has at her disposal to make a career change, to change the dynamics of her relationships and reclaims her power in friendships.

Princess Energy vs Queen Energy on Standards

A princess thinks playing games, such as hard to get or block and block, which are much like hide and seek, are what will get her the attention and affection she deserves while a queen clearly states what is acceptable to her, and she shows up in a way that lets others know they will lose her if they play games with her.

Princess Energy vs Queen Energy with Choice and Permission

A princess gives her power away and asks for permission from everyone but herself. She is a people pleasor, and she sits pretty for her father, husband, lovers, mother, sisters, borthers, friends, relatives and Lord knows who else. The queen on the other hand, knows that she has to reclaim that power back, and she decides what choices, decisons and investments are best for her, her domain and her future.

Princess Energy vs Queen Energy on Focus and Time

A princess is easily distracted by the show, and she entertains things that take her away from her main focus. She often falls into the trap of thinking that time is not of essence. for example, she will spend her youth and prime days with a man who clearly has no future, and one who is playing with her. Instead, a queen knows that the quality of life and happiness that she will have in her future, in a long-term commitmment or a marriage, is heavily dependent on the dating choices she makes now.

Princess Energy vs Queen Energy on Planning

A princess wantes to lead a soft life, and she thinks it is not happening because she does not have pretty privilege, or money to splurge on material luxury items to display on social media. While a queen knows that to get what she wants, she has to have a realistic and solid plan on how to make her dreams come to life, and how to remove  people, things and committments that drain her and jeopardise her ability to reach her goals.

Keen to discover how to step into your queen energy in the next 3 months? Enroll in our course, From Damsel to Queen; Awaken Your Inner Feminine Power. You will go from being a princess, aka a damsel in distress, to become a queen in your own right!