Elegance Handbook

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7 Day Email Challenge

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of your day to day falls under elegant refined living?

If you have come to a point in your life where being casual is no longer enough, and you want more refinement, this Challenge is for you!


1 Webinar with 5 Follow Up Emails

Are you ready to go from unfulfilled, and in your masculine, to living life on your own terms?

In the Elegance Challenge, I share the playbook that eliminate the trial and error on how you can confidently manifest the life of your dreams!


5 Day Email Coaching

 Do you feel stuck at surface level femininity and would like to be authentically feminine?

In this 5 day email coaching, you will learn how to go beyond the glamorised version of femininity, so that you can be irrestistibly feminine!

When you sign up for a personal style consultation, you will gain access to a $197 self-color analysis at 100%  OFF. It will help you discover, in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant —  no matter your gender, race or age!