Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in and by the fashion industry is that you need to have your color analysis done to look your best. Why? Because without this knowledge, you will spend your money buying clothes in a color that will never suit you. Not only that, you will do it year after year.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Clothes in Wrong Colors

Think of all the clothes in your wardrobe, which no matter how you wear them, when you wear them or how much you accessorize them, they just don’t click with your natural coloring. Clothes in colors that do not suit you, will always:

  • make you look sickly, pale, and out of place.
  • emphasize your wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging
  • highlight your dark circles (hello eye bags) and skin blemishes
  • take the attention from you, and put the focus on your clothes and/or makeup
  • waste your time, money, and energy while shopping as they will not look good on you
  • make outfit pairings look out of place and  not coordinated

Your confusion and lack of knowledge in what colors suit you, work quite well for the fashion industry but not for you. So what are the benefits of finding your best colors?

Benefits of Finding Your Best Color

You may have realized that there are colors you wear and feel happy, excited, younger. And not only that but there are greens, blues, reds, etc that go better with your natural coloring than others. Or have you ever noticed that certain shades of lipstick make you look instantly better even if you have not done a full face of makeup?

Ever wondered why that is?

Well, it is because based on your natural coloring – that is your skin, eyes, and hair – there are colors that are better suited for you than others. This is why people hire professional stylists and image consultants – to know, among other things, what colors work best for them.

Getting the right colors that suit you will make all the difference in looking put together or looking like someone who pulled their great-grand aunt’s clothes out of the attic. Here’s why;

  • You will look younger, livelier, and radiant as your face will be in harmony with your clothing.
  • You will look more confident, self-aware, and approachable as there will be no conflict between your natural coloring and your clothes.
  • Your shopping life will be much easier and less expensive as you will know exactly which colors to pick when shopping, and therefore save your money, countless hours, and energy.
  • Your outfits will be harmonized with your natural coloring, and therefore, your clothes will not wear you. The focus will be on you and not the clothes.
  • You never have to wear clothes that do not flatter you ever again. This will make it easier for you to put together outfits that make you glow.
  • You can also use these colors to color co-ordinate your interior house decor,

Finding Your Best Colors Through a Color Analysis

Finding your best colors requires a color analysis. Color analysis is “a technical method of determining the colors and tones that harmonize best with a person’s specific complexion in order to customize and elevate wardrobe and beauty care selections.” The natural coloring of your features – the hair, skin, and eyes, will be put into consideration, based on the 3 properties of color – that is the hue, the chroma, and the value.

To have the color analysis that you either visit a professional color analyst, an image consultant or perform a self-color analysis.

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