Elegance Handbook

Flawless First Date Etiquette

  1. Do: Check the restaurant’s online menu before you go, for two reasons

First, you won’t waste time flipping the menu while on the date trying to decide what to eat. Avoid indecisiveness. Second, you will have a rough idea what the financial impact of the date could be. The importance of this is in point 2. Read along.

  1. Do: Have an equivalent of what the date costs as a potential contingency plan

Perhaps the man isn’t a gentle-man after all. He may evade the bill, or suggest the 50/50, or he doesn’t show up. Knowing you got it handled no matter what, prevents you from overly impressed by a simple date; you can sit pretty knowing you can afford it.

  1. Don’t badmouth your exes, or be excessively verbose; keep it light and fun

Bad-mouthing your exes says more about you than it does them; focus on getting to know the person across the table. Shelf the heavy controversial conversations for when you are well acquainted and close enough to have a civil conversation about such topics.

  1. Do: Plan all the way to the end; borrow a leaf from law 29, the 48 laws of power

While dates are fun and all, don’t be sidetracked by the excitement. Remember, he is evaluating you consciously or subconsciously, and you should do the same. It’s like a dance; are you a clown at a circus, or are you a swan? Watch your step. 😉

  1. Don’t offer the 50/50; does he have potential of being a generous provider?

Courtship is an interesting period, it is when you are evaluating if this is the type of man you want to have in your life for the long-haul. When the bill comes, let him pay. If he hesitates, ask – do you need help with that? And see how it goes. Be shrewd.

All the best in your date.

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