Elegance Handbook

Fine Dining Etiquette

When dining at an upscale restaurant, how do you conduct yourself? How do you order food? How do you remain elegant and poised? How do you stay relaxed when there is cutlery you have never seen?

The question you should ask yourself at this moment is this; how comfortable are you when dining at fine restaurants with exceptional service? If you are not very comfortable, what do you need to learn to elevate your confidence? Remember, no one is born elegant. Every skill in the world of elegance can be learned and mastered.

Fine dining is more than just about which cutlery to use and the top-tier food in front of you. It is also about your interpersonal skills. This is where your social and communication skills get tested. How you interact with others at the table will show how refined and well-cultured you are.

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Fine dining etiquette skills are life-long skills. They are also applicable for casual dinners, social gatherings, and business situations that require fine dining.

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