Elegance Handbook

Essential Conversation Skills for Classy Ladies

A key skill that you need as you level up is the art of communicating in a way that helps you build your personal brand, build your social capital, and establish an excellent rapport. There will help you advance your goals and also come in handy in social conversations. Especially when fine dining, which is the pinnacle of refinement.

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That said, if you have already worked on your style and refined your femininity, the next thing to focus and hone in on is improving your communication skills.

Your words allow other people to understand what’s on your mind; if you want to be held in high regard, refine your speech. Knowing how to navigate diverse conversations with others in a respectful, classy way, and how to build connections and maintain rapport is a skill that will open many doors for you and also create your social capital.

5 ways you can refine your speech

  • Use proper grammar and avoid slang. Do not use curse words. Slang, cursing, vulgar words and lewd sexual jokes do not work in your favor. Avoid vulgar remarks & derogatory sexual talk even as a joke.
  • Eliminate filler words such as “so”, “like”, “basically”, “actually”, etc. These filler words show you’re thinking on your feet. Think about what you want to say before you start speaking.
  • Avoid name-dropping as a way to impress others. This not only offends others but gives you bad social credit as well. Nobody feels like they respect you when you’re name-dropping. It shows you place more value on a celebrity or family name than on the individuals themselves.
  • Avoid asking intrusive questions about personal matters such as relationship details and wealth. This is in very bad taste and is covered in detail below.
  • Avoid bragging about what you are wearing, where you went, what so-and-so gave you, etc. Bragging only goes to show that you are proud and obnoxious, and probably not even used to the things you are bragging about. It shows you attach your sense of worth to things, people, and places, which is not a trait of high-value individuals.

Why You Should Be Keen on How You Speak

The truth is not everything about a person’s life is up for discussion for as many reasons as there are people. An individual could be suffering from the very thing you’re asking about – such as why they aren’t in a relationship or why they don’t have children yet. Or they simply will find you ill-mannered for asking and be put off by your questions about such topics as how they spend their money. While some may not mind, others may be terribly put off.

It’s better to avoid asking such questions or making certain remarks altogether. Otherwise, it’s like playing social Russian Roulette, and is the quickest way to ruin your social capital is by rubbing others the wrong way using your words.

How to Avoid Upsetting and Putting Off Others in Conversation

Do you want to avoid upsetting others in conversation without meaning to? A mistake that is often made when getting to know someone or even in long-term relations is thinking that the fewer the boundaries, the more they will like you or be open or more intimate with you.

These questions and comments may appear harmless, but they can offend or hurt others deeply. Asking these personal, intrusive questions creates awkward silences, responses, or situations, which register as unpleasant experiences and injure your likeability.  In short, watch what you say and how you say it. Don’t close your own doors.

1. Intrusive Questions & Comments About Money That Is Not Yours

Avoid asking intrusive money questions; this could be about one’s wealth or income, their personal expenses, or how much items cost. If you are not the one financing, such remarks often rub people the wrong way.

2. Intrusive Questions & Comments About Body Image

Comments and questions about an individual’s diet, weight, cosmetic surgery, hair (and hair extensions), and so on should be avoided. Let others willingly volunteer this information if they so wish.

3. Intrusive Questions & Comments About Relationships and Family Life

“Why are you single? When are you going to get married/engaged? When are you going to have a baby? Are you pregnant?” Details about an individual’s intimate life are simply that, intimate. Respect their privacy.

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