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3 Early Dating Signs You Need Healthy Femininity

What are some of the early dating signs that you need to rediscover your femininity? As with all things, nature leaves clues. If any of these resonate, you need to work on rediscovering your femininity; 

  • instead of enjoying the early-stage feelings, you start building an imaginary future right away
  • you start believing his promises of future commitment without vetting if he is consistent with his actions
  • you find it difficult to create space for free-flowing conversation that will allow you to vet him better

How do I know this? Because when I was in my early twenties, my imagination went on overdrive every time I started engaging with men who I found interesting and who had shown interest. I’d imagine what our future would look like, and add little cute details in my fairy tale for good measure. And every time the budding courtship didn’t live up to my fairy tale imagination, I’d be crushed and deflated.

It’s so funny now, looking back because the future pacing that I did prevented me from seeing things clearly; and it made me rush into the courtship instead of pacing it by getting to know him & also watching if his actions would be consistent with his actions.

Tuning into my femininity allowed me to see that what I was doing was destructive; first, for my heart because I was giving it away so quickly, and this increased chances of getting it broken. Second, I placed heavy expectations on a young courtship that couldn’t bear the weight. Third, the future pacing made me start acting like a girlfriend when I wasn’t.

To stop yourself from doing any of these funny behaviors, work on rediscovering your femininity. I did, and my courtship life changed. I packaged all my lessons on masculinity and femininity in my ebook High-Value Feminine Woman: Rediscovering Your Femininity, which you can get by clicking this link.

Once you rediscover your femininity, your dating life will change because you will learn how to lean back, how to weed out the jokers from the serious ones, and how to spot a healthy masculine man.

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