Elegance Handbook

Date Etiquette for Elegant Ladies

The first time you go for  date with someone is significant. It determines the trajectory of future interactions. That said, in your level up journey, a lot of mistakes are bound to happen; and they can also happen during the first date. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣No matter how many dates you’ve been on before, if now you’ve started dating better quality men (whether you’re 16, divorced, 21 and at the beginning of your level up journey), a first date is a first date. You can be 40 and still have a first date. ⁣⁣So how do elegant ladies go about it? What are some of the things you need to do to be ahead of your game? ⁣⁣

Below are simple tips that can help you stay confident, composed and relaxed before, during and after the date and they will help you leave a classy impression. ⁣⁣

Before the Date

  1. Understand how dressed up/dressed down you need to be for the date

Check the Instagram # for the restaurant/establishment you will be going for the date, to see what clothing people wear to that place to avoid standing out the wrong way. Simple rule: have a natural make-up look and dress modestly to keep the focus on your inner beauty.

During the Date

  1. Have confident body language; sit upright and maintain eye contact

Maintain your eye contact (don’t stare though) so that you can read him and understand his body language too. Don’t slouch. Sitting upright gives you a confident poise, and sub-consciously makes you (seem) in control of your boundaries and life.

  1. Keep the conversation interesting, non-vulgar & avoid heavy topics

To have great conversation, mirror his words, and delve lightly/deeper into topics which come up as per your discretion. Avoid continuous talk about you. A prudent social media check is key in knowing what his interests are, to have some extra things to talk about.

  1. Eat at his pace, watch your drinks; enjoy the meal & maintain dinner etiquette.

The main point here is to eat at the same pace, or slower, if he is a fast eater. Enjoy the meal, don’t refuse every meal suggestion that is made, or be a picky eater. Try something new. For the drinks/wine, don’t have one too many glasses. Avoid beer. Stay sober, and mindful.

After the Date

  1. Don’t rush, there’s plenty of time in the future for intimacy if it comes to

A common temptation is to go home with him/ to his for physical intimacy, but that quickly extinguishes your sense of mystery and allure. Let the feelings grow/mature. Say thank you; that you had a really great time, and you look forward to the next. 🙂

These tips are great for anyone, at any age, going for a first date. Be sure to share with your friends.