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Best Books for Financial Literacy

This post is all about the best books for financial literacy.

The public secret about leading a rich elegant life is that you need to have resources at your disposal to buy high-quality clothes for a sophisticated look, to easily have time to be in your relaxed feminine energy, to visit and frequent places that other elegant ladies and high-value individuals frequent and much more.

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More often than not, having resources boils down to having money, and that is why to become an elegant woman, you also need to level up your money and wealth habits. You also need to work on your money mindset, so that you do not waste your money keeping up with the Joneses, pretending to be rich.

Therefore, this post will share the top 10 books that you will find useful in helping you clear your debt, create wealth by investing and making savvy career moves or as a business owner.

1. Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

More than getting the corner office, or the job that you want, or getting a financially savvy partner, women also need to know how to invest and make the most of their finances. In this book David Bach shares principles that will help you have money both for your luxuries and necessities.

2. Girls That Invest by Simran Kaur

Overall, women tend to have better returns on their investments, but the problem is they invest way less than men do. In this book, you will learn hiw the stock market works, how to invest and grow your money despite inflation and how to secure your future with diversification and an investment portfolio. Best for you if you have always wanted to invest and did not know where to start!

3. Millionaire Women Next Door by Thomas Stanley

The image of careless spending that many associated the rich from movies and Hollywood films is far from the truth about how the wealthy spend their money. Curious to discover how the wealthy get rich and remain rich? This book is perfect for you!

4. We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

Turns out only 10% of the world’s millionaires are women, yet when women have more money they do more good for their families and communities. If you want to lead an impactful and meaningful life, this book shares why you need more than $100k per year to make your dreams become a reality!

We Should All Be Millionaires

5. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Have you ever wondered why even with all you know about money, you still cannot handle it as well as you expect? Morgan Housel takes a deep dive on the psychology of money to help see where your mind or mindset is tripping you up and what you can do to change your behaviour around money. Get yourself a copy ASAP!

The Psychology of Money

6. Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi

Most books about money are suitable for a certain demographic, as they are written with the assumption that you have lots of money at your disposal to get you started. But what steps should you take as a woman of color who does not have generational wealth to build on? Bola Sokumbi wrote these books for women of color, and if this message resonates these 3 books will be a real God-send. Start with the one that you like most.

8. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

For women with careers, who are wondering what is the best way to grow their career, this book is a must-read. It helped me undertand there is no career ladder anymore, and that while you may be keen on family, do not start leaving before it is time for you to leave. Need clarification on what that means? Get yourself a copy of this book, and your future self will thank you.

Lean In Sheryl Sandberg

7. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

For women who have opted for the entreprenurship and business life, you should know by now that there are many money beliefs that may be limiting you. While this book does not offer step by step guidance on how to make the 7 figures, it does offer the motivation boost you need from time to time as your mindset switches from being an employee to being a wealthy business owner.

9. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Fictional or not, this book has helped millions world over change their mindset and habits around what it means to be rich. If you need a refresher, or if you have not yet read it, now would be a good time to hear what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about what the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and the middle class do not.

10. Rich as F*ck by Amanda Frances

This book has money mindset gems that I could not find elsewhere, and thus despite the intersting nature of the title, it still makes the list as you may also find it useful in breaking through the money mental barriers that may be holding you back.Give it a shot, it may be just what you needed to heat at this time of your life.


This post has been all about the best books for financial literacy. Whether you are a man or woman, no matter your age, these books have something that may uniquely be written just for you to change your wealth status. One day, or day one? You decide!