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I’m Daisy. When I started Elegance Handbook in May of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I had no idea it would blow up and become so popular a hub for women worldwide on matters elegance and femininity.

All I had when I started was my love for writing, and a deep desire to share with other women what I had learnt throughout my twenties regarding elegance and being feminine.

At that time I was working full time as a civil engineer, but have since gone ahead to become both a certified image and international etiquette consultant so that I can offer high quality and professional services to ladies in my 86,000+ audience.

I am particularly keen on lifestyle appropriate elegance and modern femininity because these are life changing and empowering tools that many modern ladies are not aware of or educated about.

Back in 2016, I stumbled upon femininity as an adult by accident through my love for reading, after a heartbreak. Rediscovering my femininity radically changed how I relate to men. I went from feeling invisible and frustrated to being confidently myself and magnetic.

So much so that I wrote High Value Feminine Woman: Rediscovering Your Femininity. This digital book has been bought and read in 82 countries and 6 territories so far. And I believe it is due to the universal nature of femininity. You can read more on my femininity story here.

So many women have written back saying “Thank you, I did not realize that I had lost this very important part of me.” Curious to learn more?  Click the button below to see more details and get your copy while at it.

Growing up, I wore what was available and what my mother could afford. But, that never prevented me from consuming fashion content from bloggers. This helped me develop my sense of style over time.

And in 2016, 2017, around the same time I started rediscovering my femininity, I also started changing my wardrobe slowly. I did not expect it, but the people around me started treating me in better ways. I immediately understood the power of image, and style.

Your style communicates who you are without you having to say a word. Some of the questions I receive about elegance have to do with style, so I decided to become a certified image consultant, so that I can offer expert advice. This also led me to create the Elegant Style Handbook, that should help you curate an easy to mix and match elegant wardrobe that makes you stand out.

The most shocking thing I noticed in my mid-twenties was that a lot of brilliant women with great qualities and bright futures were getting into relationships, and long term commitments that altered the direction of their lives negatively and stunted their trajectory.

 I realized the math of simply being academically and career oriented did not add up.  As modern women, our empowerment does not stop with getting a formal education and a well paying job. Thus, I set out to learn as much as I could about how to navigate society for social mobility.

Everything I refined through trial and error  and embodied along the way, especially in the last 5 years leading to my 30s, I packaged into the Level Up Handbook: Level Up, Move Up and Date Up. It will help you become a savvy high-value woman, especially when it comes to dating. 

You may have realized by now that my approach to elegance is multi-faceted. It’s not just one thing that makes you elegant, it is the coming together of different, often neglected, but very important parts of your life. My mission is to help you tie them beautifully into a neat bow.

My expertise as a certified Etiquette and International Protocol consultant, in addition to previously mentioned qualifications and experience,  ensures that I teach social etiquette in a top-tier but fun manner, that will help you become a well-rounded and a well-cultured lady.

Being an elegant woman is like being a swan that paddles furiously underneath, but glides gracefully on the surface. That is why I have created all these free and paid resources, and also partnered with other great brands, to make it easy for you to make great strides without so much trial and error. And I am so happy that you are here. Welcome!

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